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Cheek of the Week

Each Something Cheeky show features "Cheek of the Week", a segment where Rosanna and Nikki talk about something they love and want to share with each other and listeners that week. All Cheeks that have an associated link are posted below.

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August 21, 2017

Lego Minifigures

Tiny buildable toys!

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 33

Nikki has purchased many, many Lego minifigures over the years for decorating the house and playing a Lego monster game her husband invented (go Brick Quest!). They're adorable and even better when you switch their heads! In particular, she loves the YetiMedusa, rock starfemale scientists setShakespeare, and Harry Potter figures.

August 14, 2017

Targaryen Sigil

Removable vinyl decals for all your stuff!

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 32

Nikki believes that if she were in Westeros, she'd definitely be Daenerys Targaryen (or maybe a different and equally amazing dragon queen). To keep up this farcical fantasy, she likes to post the Targaryen sigil on various items of hers like a travel coffee mug, a car, and a laptop. She keeps buying more of these great vinyl decals that are completely removable and also completely awesome. Decorate your stuff today!


July 26, 2017


Send photo postcards!

From Vikings: episode 18

Rosanna recommends Postcardly.com, a service that is as easy as sending an email, but as awesome as sending a photo postcard. It's simple, quick, inexpensive, and has a big impact by sending actual photos to anyone, even your grandmother that doesn't do that new-fangled "email".

July 19, 2017

Inflatable Pool

Intex Swim Center

From Vikings: episode 17

Nikki despises the heat but has discovered that she can lounge in a pool all summer without leaving her backyard. This 62.5" X 62.5" X 19.5" pool is better than a solid plastic pool since you can fold it away and store it easily the rest of the year and even more, because the sides come up high enough to lean back and relax in it. Or take a nap. And get a sunburn. Or just fill it with ice and beer for your casual backyard parties.

Don't forget to buy a cheap electric pump to save your lungs (seriously, it's a necessary accessory)!

July 17, 2017

"14" and "The Fold"

by Peter Clines

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 28, Vikings: episode 16

Rosanna has recently discovered author Peter Clines and recommends reading (or listening to) two of his books, 14 and The Fold. These books are not part of a series, but do take place in the same "universe". They are sci-fi stories with a mystery and great characters and are a lot of fun to read.

July 10, 2017

Atlas Biking Jacket

by Showers Pass

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 28, Vikings: episode 16

If you're like Nikki, you know that biking in all weather means you need to be prepared for wind, rain, and cold (in most seasons). She bought the Atlas jacket by Showers Pass (a local Portland bicycle gear company) earlier this year and loves it! It's great for both biking and regular wear too! Not only does it protect her from the elements, but it has a subtle map design on it that turns very unsubtle when lights hit it, when the map lines turn reflective and look pretty great.

Nikki's been able to replace her raincoat, her light jacket, and her old, worn out biking jacket with this one coat. It's got a zip-on/off hood, tons of pockets, and it's just all around fantastic.

Get your own Atlas jacket (or a similar, less expensive jacket, the Odyssey for men and women) and all kinds of other great bicycling gear today and use coupon code CHEEKY10 for 10% off your first purchase!

July 03, 2017

A Song of Ice and Fire (leatherbound books)

by George R.R. Martin

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 26, Vikings: episode 15

Both Nikki and Rosanna love the A Song of Ice and Fire books and the TV show based on it, Game of Thrones. Nikki's been reading and rereading it for years electronically but received the beautiful leatherbound set as a gift. She loves it and is pretty sure that every home needs a set just like hers to read while sitting next to Arya and Danaerys.

June 26, 2017

Wonder Woman

2017 movie

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 25, Vikings: episode 14

"Wonder Woman is the best, most amazing movie made in the last 10 years" - Rosanna

"I would marry Gal Gadot if she'd have me" - also Rosanna

Get the Wonder Woman Funko Pop figure, too!

June 19, 2017

The Setup Wizard

IT at Hogwarts

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 23, Vikings: episode 13

Nikki loves IT humor and Harry Potter, and The Setup Wizard combines these two awesome topics with aplomb! It's a blog that follows the adventures of a Muggle doing IT work at Hogwarts and introducing the students and professors to the magic of Wi-Fi, iPads, etc. As you'd imagine, hijinks quickly ensue. Read it from the beginning!

June 19, 2017

Magnetic Phone Holder

by WizGear

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 23, Vikings: episode 13

Rosanna likes to have her phone easily accessible while driving, but also likes to keep her eyes on the road and not crash into poles, buildings, and other cars, so she uses the WizGear magnetic car mount to keep her phone attached to her air vents for quick peeks at her map app. It's cheap, easy to install, and effective.

June 12, 2017

American Science & Surplus

10% w/code CHEEKY

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 21, Vikings: episode 12

Nikki can't get enough of all the cool stuff that American Science & Surplus offers. From beakers to pencil torches to science toys for kids to craft items to flaslights to military bags to store displays, they have basically everything you might ever want in the best holiday stocking/craft room/garage/lab ever.

Seriously, go there now. It's amazing. And get 10% off by using the code CHEEKY at checkout!

June 12, 2017


on Netflix

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 21, Vikings: episode 12

Rosanna loves the Netflix original series Sense8. This show has characters that represent different in sexes, races, viewpoints, and orientations from all around the world, amazing scenery, phenomenal writing, and really great actors. If you don't feel hope for mankind when watching this show, you must be dead inside.

Unfortunately it was cancelled this June, but you can still watch the existing 2 seasons on Netflix.

June 05, 2017

Hammock with Stand

by Vivere

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 19, Vikings: episode 11

Nikki likes to lounge in her hammock all summer long with a good book (like The Lies of Locke Lamora!) and some cold lemonade. And a sunhat. And some high-SPF sunscreen. And maybe a blanket if she stays out reading until dusk, or just falls asleep completely. Sounds good, right?


The Vivere hammock is cozy and easy to set up and take down and comes in a multitude of colors. Get ready for summer!

June 05, 2017

Oregon Coast Aquarium

in Newport, Oregon

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 19, Vikings: episode 11

Rosanna and Nikki, with their families, took a recent trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon, and it was a big hit for the adults and children alike. Hands-on exhibits, a fish "petting zoo", an amazing shark tank and delicious fudge are just a few of Rosanna's highlights of the visit.

May 29, 2017

Wonder Woman Doll

by Funko POP

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 17, Vikings: episode 10

Rosanna collects Funko POP dolls related to all of her favorite things, including Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Marvel/DC, and Orphan Black. She's super excited for the new Wonder Woman movie being released in June and could not believe it when the WW pop doll showed up at her office recently. Knowing her love of the character, Nikki ordered the doll and sent it for a sweet and thoughtful surprise!

May 29, 2017

Code & Quill Notebooks

for all your writing needs

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 17, Vikings: episode 10

Nikki and Rosanna both love writing in pretty notebooks; it somehow makes the experience more enjoyable. Nikki Kickstarted Code & Quill notebooks a while back and has continued to purchase these books after the company started selling them retail as well, giving one to Rosanna along the way.

They have multiple sizes and colors and come in both hard and softcover styles. (Nikki prefers the hardcover journals; they're pebbled and feels like the skin of a tyrannosaur. Who doesn't want to write on a dinosaur?)

Use coupon code "SOMETHINGCHEEKY10" at checkout to get 10% off your purchase from Code & Quill!

May 22, 2017

Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Wabash Valley Farms Whirley-Pop

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 15, Vikings: episode 9

Let's face it: Nikki watches a lot of movies. As everyone knows, popcorn is the best movie accoutrement and being able to make custom popcorn lets Nikki make popcorn at home that's even better than overpriced theater popcorn. For the price of a few bags at the theater, you can buy your very own stovetop popper and crank it old-fashioned style! The Whirley-Pop is so easy to use and cleans easily, too (just remember to coat it with oil before using).

Nikki likes to add in everything she can to make the tastiest savory popcorn: cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, nutritional yeast (tastes cheesy!), coarse sea salt, and ridiculous amounts of butter (mmm, Kerrygold).

Or try a sweet popcorn with melted crunchy peanut butter and dark chocolate stirred in, or make some salted caramel corn to Treat Yo Self.

May 22, 2017

Happier podcast

by Gretchen Rubin

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 15, Vikings: episode 9

Rosanna is one of the author and podcaster Gretchen Rubin's biggest fans. She discovered the podcast "Happier" hosted by Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth (sound familiar?) and was instantly hooked on a show that gives tips and tricks for being happier! Rubin has also written several books that Rosanna has read including The Happiness Project and Happier at Home and she really loves the practical approach to knowing yourself better and cultivating your habits to improve your quality of life, even if it's just by making your bed everyday.

May 15, 2017

Human Skeleton Shower Curtain

EVA vinyl

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 13, Vikings: episode 8

Nikki likes to learn while she showers and an educational shower curtain can make bathing fun (as if it wasn't already)! Get to know what's hiding under those pesky layers of skin and put some names to the bones you keep bumping up against walls and doorframes.

Bonus bath-ucation: learn all the countries of the world, all the known elements, and attempt to pronounce names of dinosaurs as you lather up!

May 15, 2017

Homar No Tie Shoelaces

Waterproof Silicon

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 13, Vikings: episode 8

Rosanna wears Converse Chucks almost every day and has fallen in love with Homar No Tie Shoelaces. These stretchy silicone "laces" come in a bunch of colors, are available in kid and adult sizes, and turn any shoe into a slip-on. The are comfortable, easy to install, and waterproof. You'll never have to worry about tripping over undone laces again.

May 08, 2017

Amazon Dash Buttons

Ordering made simple(r)

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 11, Vikings: episode 7

Rosanna is a big fan on the Amazon Dash buttons. They bail her out when she forgets to buy all of life's necessities like toilet paper, toothpaste, and dog food. It's a simple as pushing a little Wi-Fi enabled button and two days later, the Amazon Prime fairy delivers your order. You too can give the illusion that you have your life together! 

May 08, 2017

Floral Wine Charms

Trudeau Duo Tone, Set of 12

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 11, Vikings: episode 7

Nikki likes to pretend she's fancy enough to go to dinner parties every weekend. But when she actually does get invited to one, she loves to gives these charms as host/hostess gifts. (And also uses them herself.) They're perfect for putting on glasses so people can keep track of their drink. It's the perfect item to have when you graduate to parties more grown up than those where names are written in Sharpie on red Solo cups.

May 01, 2017

Out of Print Clothing

Literary-themed clothes, bags, accessories

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 9, Vikings: episode 6

Rosanna loves Out of Print Clothing, purveyor of rad literary themed clothes and accessories (like composition notebook pouches, a banned books heat-reactive mug, or a Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus onesie) and they are offering Something Cheeky listeners 20% for one week only!

From May 3-10, 2017, use coupon code "SOMETHINGCHEEKY" at checkout to get 20% off almost anything!

May 03, 2017

First Aid Kit

100-piece travel kit

From Vikings: episode 6

Nikki thinks that a first aid kit will save her from the effects of the inevitable Cascadia earthquake and the impending apocalypse, so she bought several of these to stash around the house and in the car. Save yourself with gauze and bandaids!

May 01, 2017

Felt Purse

by Hoxis Simplicity

From Gentlemen Bastards: episode 9

Nikki is tough on purses and needs one that will stand up to abuse, both from cramming into small spaces when not in use and dragging all over Portland in the rain. This purse, worthy of the Gray King himself, has made it through a year of pain and suffering at Nikki's hands and looks exactly the same as the day it arrived. It's attractive, simple, and sturdy, and even comes with a matching coin purse. (She likes it so much she bought it in green, too.)

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