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6 Degrees of Wiki


Love trivia? Want to learn something new? Listen as Rosanna and Nikki find the 6 degrees of separation between vastly different Wikipedia articles, predicting connections and learning interesting facts along the way.

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Something Cheeky: Movies

In this show, Rosanna and Nikki discuss movies in two parts.


Part I

The sisters make predictions after reading the movie synopsis watching the trailer. Part I is free from spoilers!

Part II

The sisters join back up to discuss how correct (or insanely incorrect) the predictions were, how they felt about the film, and give tongue-in-cheek audience recommendations.

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Read episode descriptions for the Movies podcast.

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Something Cheeky: Vikings [ended]

Rosanna and Nikki watch the History Channel's TV series Vikings, inspired by the infamous warriors of early medieval Norway. It follows legendary Viking Ragnar Lothbrok and his (often famous) friends and family as they discover England and all its riches.


Listen to Rosanna—new to the series—make predictions about what will happen next while Nikki refuses to give out spoilers. Rosanna's Top 3 each episode always delights.


Notable actors: Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Gustaf Skarsgard, Alexander Ludwig, Clive Standen

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Something Cheeky: Gentlemen Bastards [ended]

Rosanna and Nikki read each book in The Gentlemen Bastards Sequence book series by Scott Lynch, starting with The Lies of Locke Lamora. Locke and his crew are serious thieves, a band of orphans targeting the nobles of Camorr and making major bank in the process. Taught by the learned and eccentric Father Chains, they become gifted con artists and brand themselves as the "Gentlemen Bastards". Can they get away with their high-stakes tricks without getting caught by their wealthy marks, the mob boss of Camorr's seedy underworld, or the Duke's Spider?

Rosanna—new to the series—throws out wild ideas of what twist will come next as Nikki keeps her guessing while keeping the show spoiler-free.


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Episode descriptions
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